Microsoft Teams

We have cost-effective and feature-rich solutions, whether you are connected via our hosted telephone system or our SIP trunk channels. Our flexible solution enables your users to have a mixture of desk phones or Teams applications to make and take their calls.

Will your systems be effected by the BT network Switch Off?

Openreach announces delay to the switch off.

Fast & flexible

Services can be ordered, configured, and often delivered within hours. 

Great customer support

Our priority is to create strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Solutions that just work

We make the move to us smooth and painless, without any of the hiccups. 

Reliability and continuity

Our team has been with us for years, so you get the continuity that others cannot provide.

Inclusive Microsoft Teams integration

Easy to Use

The service is designed from the ground with the admin and user in mind. User-oriented, and simple to configure and manage.

Lower Monthly Costs

Pay far less for calls domestic and international calls when compared to Microsoft 365 calling plans.

Supercharge Teams

Powerful and easy-to-configure PBX call routing features such as Automated attendant, hunt groups/ Ring groups and call reporting which are just not available via Microsoft.

More than just phone calls

Rather than using Microsoft’s very rudimental, difficult-to-use phone system features, and expensive calling plans, we have a much better solution. This is the best option if you wish to adopt Microsoft Teams as your main communications interface, but your business also requires all the standard features and stability you would expect from a modern business telephone system.

Instead of having the hassle of porting your telephone numbers to Microsoft, we supply and support the telecoms side for you. This way you stay in control of your business telephone numbers and we enable you to link your services to Teams. This gives you the ‘best of both’ The single interface your Teams’ users know and love, backed up with a feature-rich, carrier-grade telephony solution – Everything, all in one place!

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