Private, dedicated internet connection

A Lease line is a private, dedicated internet connection for your organisation; either linking sites or giving a single site a robust connection and guaranteed level of service.

Will your systems be effected by the BT network Switch Off?

In 2025 BT will proceed to turn off the Digital Network (ISDN) & Analogue network (PSTN).

Fast & flexible

Services can be ordered, configured, and often delivered within hours. 

Great customer support

Our priority is to create strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Solutions that just work

We make the move to us smooth and painless, without any of the hiccups. 

Reliability and continuity

Our team has been with us for years, so you get the continuity that others cannot provide.

High-performance internet connectivity is guaranteed! When only the best will do.


No more ‘bandwidth bottleneck’ with speeds between 10Mbps – 100Gbps.


Super reliable service you can trust, with SLAs and minimum uptime guarantee.



Lightning fast both ways when your upload speed matches your download.

Direct to data centres

As a leased line connects you directly to the carrier’s data centres, avoiding passing through the local cabinet and telephone exchanges, you are not sharing the room with other broadband users out there on the network, you will not suffer issues such as slow down at busy times of the day. The line can be used for data, voice and almost any type of digital media, and is very effective when sharing bandwidth-hungry applications between different offices.

Bandwidth can be provided between 100Mbps – 10Gbps (Upload and Download) with the ability to flex bandwidth up or down as required. You get the same super-fast upload speed as you get for download.

Although a leased line is a premium service, they are now far more affordable and available pretty much everywhere.

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