BT Group announces delay of PSTN and ISDN switch off

Jun 4, 2024 | News

BT Group have now announced that there will be a delay of 13 months to the planned PSTN Switch Off which will affect all copper-based data and phone lines across the UK.

The new Planned switch off date is January 2027.

Why the delay?

BT’s recent announcement highlighted the need to enhance the switch off program to better protect vulnerable customers and those with additional needs, including telecare users.

Additionally, BT’s trials in Salisbury and Mildenhall underscored the need for more work to reach and mobilise non-engaged communication providers and, to migrate their customers proactively and safely off the legacy technology.

Migrating our customers from an ageing platform to a more reliable solution

It’s important to remember that the PSTN is coming to the end of its serviceable life. According to Ofcom’s Connected Nations UK Report 2023:

  • In 2023 the number of PSTN incidents increased by 20%
  • In 2023 there was a 60% increase in hours lost for customers on the PSTN.

These statistics underscore the urgency of transitioning to more reliable IP-based systems to avoid further disruptions and service quality issues.

How does this affect you?

Despite the extension, BT will continue switching off local telephone exchanges. The goal remains the same: the eventual shutdown of the PSTN. Therefore, businesses should not delay their plans to upgrade to IP-based systems.

TMC telecom’s position and ongoing commitment

At TMC Telecom, we have been industry leaders in assisting businesses with the transition to All-IP since BT’s announcement in 2017. Our commitment remains steadfast: despite the delay, the necessity to upgrade is inevitable. We offer a wide portfolio of products designed to facilitate this transition, helping businesses modernise their communications.

We continue to advocate for the upgrade to All-IP solutions and encourage you to upgrade sooner, rather than later, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration and also the benefits and cost saving these new services bring.

If you have any questions regarding this news or want information regarding the various options available please contact us on 01527868400.

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