About FCS Membership

FCS is an all-industry association:  Membership is open to any organisation which supplies or supports business-grade communications solutions to commercial, public sector or private customers.

As markets converge and new technologies emerge, it matters less and less what technical platform is used to deliver those solutions; more and more that the solutions are the best combination of price, functionality and reliability to meet that particular customer’s needs.

FCS members are the professionals in business-quality communications.  It is a condition of membership that companies sign the FCS Code of Conduct for good business practice and commit to trade legally and ethically at all times.  FCS itself is committed to abide by the Trade Association Forum’s code of practice for trade association governance.

FCS Ethical Code of Business Practice

  • Members of the FCS are committed to offering the highest standards of professional and ethical service to their customers.
  • Members comply with relevant obligations as set out in UK legislation including the Communications Act 2003 and with Codes of Practice and Standards or Regulations agreed from time to time by the FCS Board of Directors or relevant members’ groups.
  • Members ensure that staff receive appropriate training, are encouraged to obtain relevant qualifications, and maintain their professional skills.
  • Members carry an appropriate level of public liability insurance, the certificate for which will be displayed in all operating premises.
  • In cases where the FCS has evidence that a member has breached the FCS Ethical Code of Practice the FCS Board of Directors retains the right to expel the offender from membership of the FCS.

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