SIP Trunking for Business

SIP trunking offers you a way of making phone calls over your internet connection, rather than through traditional telephone lines. 

SIP Trunk

£ 7.99 per month per trunk

SIP Trunk inclusive of Bundled Minutes 

*Additionnal Terms & Conditions Apply 

What is SIP?

SIP Trunks replace the requirement for traditional phone lines. By making calls over your IP connection, SIP trunks replace the need for multiple separate phone lines.

Choice of number

You don’t need to restricted to the local area code dictated by the nearby BT exchange. As long as the number is available, you can choose any area code for your business. This means that you can pick where you appear to have a local presence.

Instant provisioning

If you’re looking for a quick set up, this is the answer. Instant provisioning means that you can be up-and-running practically the same day.


SIP trunking eliminates the risk of a single point of failure by taking backups at multiple points. This means that it’s that much harder for one event to bring the system down, offering you greater peace of mind that your telecoms will be there when you need them.

Line quality

When set up properly, SIP trunking will offer you excellent voice quality, meaning that you and your customers will experience a first-rate service


SIP trunking is a more modern alternative to traditional phone lines, resulting in significant cost savings in both monthly line rental costs and installation costs (compared to traditional ISDN lines).


SIP trunking allows your telecoms to scale in line with your organisation: additional numbers can be added or numbers no longer needed can be removed quickly and with ease.

Disaster recovery

In case of emergency, numbers can be quickly and easily diverted to a different site or number meaning that, in the event of a disaster, your telecoms can be back up and running in minutes.


SIP Trunks are not routed through the traditional telephone exchange. Once you’ve got your number, you can take it with you if you move.


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