Hosted VoIP for Business

Hosted VoIP Select (HV Select) is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud that has the power to transform how your organisation works. You can benefit from the features and functionality of traditional physical phone systems but at a fraction of the cost.

A perfect solution for all sizes and types of organisations, HV Select will adapt to suit your specific requirements. You'll get access to all the useful call management features you'd expect from a traditional phone system, and a whole lot more.


HV Select User Licence from

£9.99 per month

  • Remote working solution
  • Deploy to home workers quickly and easily
  • Pay as you use calls or add an inclusive call bundle
  • Add Office UC SoftPhone with a headset or Smartphone applications for Android or IOS
  • Handset licence only options available or rent a handset with no upfront cost (see below handset options)


Irrespective of the size of your organisation, you expect there to be a certain standard of features that your phone system offers you. HV Select offers you all you’d expect and more. To mention just a few, you can bring people together on IM and conferencing, have voicemail sent to your email, record the calls, view call statistics, access your own online portal to control the exact setup of your user... and the list goes on.

Bring your number with you (or have a new one)

It’s important that you have exactly what you want and need from your phone system and that’s why we can arrange either a new phone number (with any dialling code you choose) or bring your existing number with you (for business continuity).


Need work from home or have a mobile workforce? No problem. It’s easy to move a handset from one office or desk to another by simply unplugging your extension and plugging it in at the new location. So no expensive call out charges for uplifting your old phone system and reinstalling at the new location. Work from a deskphone, a softphone on your PC or a mobile app, its all availble to you with HV Select.

Low upfront costs

HV Select comes fully loaded with all the standard features you would find on a traditional telephone system plus full UC (Unified Communications) features are available that are suitable for enterprise level deployments. Our pricing is simple and flexible and can even include free handset rental, which is great for cash flow.


The system grows as you grow. If you take on a new employee and need an additional extension/handset, they can be added and up-and-running within 24 hours with additional handsets typically delivered the next working day.

Disaster Recovery 

All system data is held offsite in the cloud so re-routing calls in the event of an emergency to any other phone is quick and easy. All of your features (for example, your Automated Attendant) will continue to work as normal with the calls simply being routed to the new phone instead of the usual extensions.


Your system will remain current; all software updates are included for free so your system will not need to be replaced every few years. The system will grow as the technology advances.

Plug and play out of the box    

The beauty of our cloud based solution is that expensive equipment and engineering costs for installation are not needed. As the core system is software rather than hardware it also negates the need for a system maintenance contract, which is essential with a traditional phone system. In addition, there’s no need for costly engineering installation charges or downtime. We configure and test the the system off-site so that, once the kit arrives at your premises, it’s as straightforward as plugging the handsets into the socket and off you go.

Save even more

To top it off, we can even include your calls for free with one of our inexpencive, inclusive call bundles.

Some of the great features & options available for HV Select

With VoIP Select from TMC you'll get access to all the useful call management features you'd expect from a traditional phone system, and a whole lot more.

Unlimited Calls to UK Landline and Mobile Numbers

Unlimited UK call packages available; These include calls to UK geographic numbers (those with a 01,02 or 03 prefix) and standard UK mobile networks. These can be included in some of our individual packages or added as a group bundle. Please call us for more details.

VoIP Select Online Management Portal

Our self-service online portal gives you total control to manage the phone system as you want to. For example, you can set up user profiles for others, and individual users can control their own call management features.

Unlimited Levels of Automated Attendant

Enable your callers to reach the right person/people with an auto-attendant. You can record your own custom greetings and have multiple options which allow calls to move to different people and, with unlimited levels, you can make your auto-attendant as deep and as rich in options as you require to suit your organisational needs.

Hunt Groups

You can quickly configure the system so that multiple phones ring when a single number is called, for example you have one sales number and five salespeople - all five phones can ring when the one sales number is dialled. In addition, you can also determine the sequences in which those phones rings so if one team member can’t answer, it will be directed to a second person specifically. You can even set up Hunt Groups with members who aren’t located on the same site.


With group and personal voicemail, you'll never again miss an important call. Group voicemail allows you to setup a voicemail message for a department or hunt group number whereas personal voicemail allows individual users to set up a voicemail service for their own individual devices.

Voicemail to Email

Using the Online Management Portal, you can set up the voicemail so that the users’ messages are sent to their email folder as an audio attachment allowing you to listen to the voicemail from wherever you can access your emails. This enables you to follow-up on calls quickly rather than waiting for you to return to your desk. Also, no more missed voicemails from people forgetting to check their voicemail.

Message Waiting Indicators 

To ensure that you don't miss an important message, the system supports individual message waiting indicators to let you know on your device when a message is waiting for you.

On-hold Music

You can set up your on-hold music from a choice of using the system music or uploading your own music. This offers you the opportunity to carry your branding across to your phone system too.

Basic Features

Everything you'd expect from a traditional phone system: call waiting, call return, park calls, place calls on hold, call barring, caller id, withhold number and last number redial.

UC Business Bundle 

A bundle of communications functions including presence (see your colleagues’ statuses and whether they’re available), instant messaging, video calling, and easy management of contact lists. It also gives users access to UC Business App.

UC Business App

Available to download for both desktops and smartphones, this lets your users display their own status and for others to see their present status, for example available or not available. It also allows communication between contacts via instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

Go Integrator Lite 

This offers simple integration between your PC (for example, with Outlook) and your desk phone. It also allows users to answer, hang up, transfer, or place a call on hold with the click of a mouse - as well as supporting "click to dial" from applications which support TAPI dialling.

Call Control (Pull Call)

Ever been on an important call and wanted to take it out of the office to somewhere more private? Call control enables you to "pull" a call from you desk phone to your mobile device (or vice versa) seamlessly mid-conversation so that you can take your conversation with you wherever you go.

Call Director

Users can set up one or more alternative fixed or mobile numbers which can be used as virtual extensions on the user's profile. Users can dial into the system from external locations and make calls to internal and external destinations, meaning that your team can stay in contact from wherever they are with whatever phone they have with them.

Busy Lamp Receptionist

Allows you to monitor colleagues’ lines before transferring a call to them: you can see if the line is free, engaged or if the phone is ringing, saving time in no longer needing to transfer the call before finding out if the person is available. This is beneficial for customer service.

3-Way Calling

It’s becoming more common that you need more than two people on a call. So, with VoIP Select, you can easily setup 3-way conference calls meaning that you can have everyone in on the conversation at the same time.

Central Contact Directory

You have the choice of setting up individual or company-wide phone number directories. These allow users to quickly and efficiently scroll through and find contact numbers directly from their handsets.

Call Transfer

Calls can be seamlessly transferred to internal or external numbers offering a smooth user and customer experience as calls are passed to wherever the recipient might be: in the playground, in the warehouse, at a different site, or out and about.

Call Forwarding

You can set up rules that forward incoming calls to another phone: either permanently, if the extension is engaged, or if the call isn’t answered

Hot Desking

Don’t have fixed desks for your team to sit at? Not a problem as you move a user’s account, telephone number and settings to a different device through the Online Management Portal. When the user logs in at the new location, all their incoming calls are routed to that phone for the period of time you've set.

Time-based Call Routing

Set your office opening hours, call queues, or users' working hours, and automatically redirect calls out of these hours to another number or voicemail.

Distinctive Ringing

Allows you to set different ringtones to identify specific types of calls. For example major account enquiry or new account enquiry can each have their own ringtones.


Maintenance and upgrades are automatic, without the need for any costly and disruptive on-site visits.

Pick-up Groups

Give your users the ability to pick up calls ringing on other phones via a pre-programmable key.

Automatic Call Routing

Quickly and easily setup a redirect so that any incoming calls are automatically routed to another phone - perfect for if you need to go out of the office or work between sites.


Get fast, convenient access to VoIP Select from your desktop. You can set up a toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox allowing you to dial a number just by clicking on it offering greater speed and convenience to your users.

Call Recording

Record and store in- and outbound calls: either one particular call, all calls as standard, or activate in real-time. If used in conjunction with other features, you're also also able to record calls made or received on your mobile phone. Management of the call archive takes place during the online dashboard. This option also includes 6 months storage of your calls.

Go Integrator Database

In addition to offering all the features of Go Integrator Lite, this further integrates your VoIP phone system with your CRM (for example, SalesForce) or accounting software (for example, Sage). It means that when a customer calls, their details instantly display on your user’s desktop so they can greet them by name and get a headstart on the call.

Enterprise Receptionist

Software that helps receptionists manage incoming calls more efficiently. It allows the receptionist to see instantaneously who is available to take a call and transfer the call at the click of a mouse, regardless of where they’re transferring the call.

Meet Me

Offering you the collaboration of audio, web, and video conferencing for swift meetings without any travel time or expense.

Skype for Business Integration

Enhances Office 365 and integrates with Skype for Business and Lync. 

UC Team

All the features of UC Business plus the ability to hold audio and web meetings for up to 8 people in a virtual meeting room from wherever they're located. It also allows desktop sharing so that you can present during these virtual meetings.

Fax to Email

Incoming faxes (via your existing or a new number) are forwarded as an email attachment to your designated email address. This enables your users to pick up fax messages directly from their email by simply clicking the attached file.

Call Centre ACD

Similar to how a hunt group works but with the added ability to queue calls and play intermittent call holding messages to the queuing callers. Your users are also able to log into and out of the queues so that when they aren't available, the call won’t ring on their phone. Your users don’t even have to be located at the same site; they can be anywhere.

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    • LCD Display
  • T46 Colour Desk Phone

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  • T48 Touch Screen Desk Phone

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    • HD Voice Quality
    • Intuitive to use & functional
    • Ideal for most users or receptionist
    • Compatible with most advanced features
    • 29 Programable Line Keys/ Busy Lamp Fields
    • 7” Touch Screen Display
  • W52P Cordless Phone

    HV Select User Licence

    £ 14.99 per month

    • HD Voice Quality
    • Ideal for users who need to be able to move around freely
    • Fully functional & Flexible
    • Colour LCD Display
    • Long Battery 
    • Long Range
  • CP920 Conference Phone

    HV Select User Licence

    £ 25.99 per month

    • HD Voice Quality
    • Ideal for users who need a standalone conferencing facility
    • 10 feet 360 degree voice pick up
    • Full Duplex technology
    • Optional expansion Microphones for wider reception
  • EXP40 Expansion Module

    Compatible T-Series Desk Phone

    £ 99.99

    • Ideal for receptionists or hotels
    • Large Display
    • 40 Programable Line Keys/ Busy Lamp Fields 
    • 20 Physical keys with 2 control keys to switch pages
    • Stand (also wall mountable)

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