Scam Internet Service Provider Calls

Scam Internet Service Provider Calls

If you receive an automated call claiming to be your ISP, yes it is a scam!

The automated calls normally claim to be your 'internet service provider' and says that your router / IP address has been compromised. It will then note that they're able to replace these free of charge and to press 1 to continue (or something along those lines). You'll then be connected with a real person, who (we assume) will eventually con their way onto your computer. Sometimes the initial call is made by a real person. 

If you have your broadband with TMC Telecom we will only ever contact you directly and we will be able to prove who we are as we hold your account information.

Important! Never give any login details or personal details to anybody who cannot 100% prove to you who they are, if in doubt, the best thing to do is simply hang up the phone and call our office on 01527 868400.


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