10 reasons why VoIP could be great for your business

10 reasons why VoIP could be great for your business

In simple terms VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make telephone calls without the need for expensive telephone lines. VoIP systems convert sound into data voice packets, which are then sent over the internet to the person you are calling, the system unpackages them and delivers them to the person you are calling as a normal voice call. Obviously, there is slightly more to it in the background but that is a simplified explanation of how it works.  VoIP telephony is fast becoming the best solution for companies and can often yield great savings whilst delivering a wealth of additional useful features.

Here are our top 10 reasons we think you should consider TMC VoIP!

1. VoIP almost always makes a significant cost saving

VoIP Telephone Systems almost always yield a significant saving when compared to a traditional telephone system which work over Analogue (PSTN) Lines or Digital (ISDN) Lines. VoIP systems often include many of the calls, less expensive support / Maintenance agreements and much lower installation costs.  Often, they are set up on a pure OPEX model meaning initial outlay to get started is a far smaller investment.

2. VoIP is flexible, and scalable

VoIP is ideal for small or start-up businesses. TMC Telecom’s hosted telephone systems are completely scalable, meaning as your business grows, the system grows with you. We simply add new IP telephones, as and when you need them. If you move premises, it’s a doddle! We can install new connectivity (broadband) at the new site and it’s a case of just unplugging your phones and taking them with you. Analogue lines and ISDN numbers are bound to the local telephone exchange, so if you move you may need to change your number to one with the new local exchanges number prefix. With VoIP you can keep your numbers, even if you are in a different exchange area at a different geological location.

3. Self Service Portal

Although we offer remote support options to all our customers, TMC VoIP is intuitive and easy to navigate yourself. You won’t have to wait days on end for an engineer to arrive at your offices or be charged expensive call out charges. We (or you) can simply log into your cloud-based system and make changes yourself within minutes. Of course, if you need help and you are unsure, you can simply contact us with the query and we will be there to help

 4. Live calls statistics

Being able to closely monitor and analyse call traffic & call management can be incredibly beneficial to many businesses. Having this information laid out in in front of you can give clear insight into operations and business costs.

5. VoIP is ideal for remote working

Most modern businesses now have mobile a work force of some description. You may have directors, engineers or sales people on the road with mobiles who can benefit from linking their mobile phone to their desk phone. Lots of companies like the idea of staff having a single geographic number instead of giving out employee’s mobile numbers. These numbers can follow a time schedule, meaning in business hours the person will be reachable, out of hours they won’t be disturbed. This also can mean that you can have visibility of calls being made and taken on employee’s mobiles.  Working from home is just like being in the office. Having almost full functionality from your mobile via the app as you do from your desk phone can be a powerful tool and the ability to display your office number when making outbound calls looks far better from a company image perspective.

In a nutshell, if you have a business with colleagues that are on the move, you will benefit from the flexibility of our VoIP systems.

6. VoIP can connect multiple offices

VoIP can be used to connect multiple offices, home workers and a mobile work force, on a single telephone system. Because all the calls between all your staff on or off site are on a single system, all these calls would be completely free!

7. Disaster recovery

If you have been unfortunate enough to have experiences a disaster at your office location such as a flood, snow or fire, you will know how difficult it is to get back up and running again properly if you have an on-premise telephone system. As a traditional telephone system is on site, all you can do is set up a number divert at network level. Unfortunately, this means that calls coming in will bypass the telephone system completely when directed to the temporary divert number. This normally means that you lose most of your phone system features such as auto attendant, hunt group call routing, voicemail etc.

With VoIP this is not the case. As the telephone system is in the cloud, all the systems intelligence remains active, you can simply change the user’s extensions which are at the effected to site to mobile or landline numbers which are not affected. Calls will still get the same experience when they call in with the Auto attendant messages and calls will route through to the people you need to take them.

8. Unified Communications

TMC VoIP isn’t just about making and taking voice calls. Our system allows you to integrate your desktop applications with your desk phone.

Outlook integration is just the start here, why not integrate with your CRM or accounting software? When your customers call your you, the system can pull their outlook contact or CRM details meaning you can answer the call in a personal & professional manner. Our system can get your clients information ready, so your operatives can take the call with all the information they may need for the call on screen via a screen pop box. This can be completely automated when integrated correctly.

Feel closer to your colleagues as well as your customers …Why not utilise video calling & conferencing or link your mobile and desk top workforces with instant messenger?  Its all made easy within TMC VoIP.

9. Future Proof Investment

Your system will remain current; all software updates are included for free, so your system will not need replacing every few years. The system will grow in features and functionality as the technology advances.

10. VoIP can reduce your businesses carbon footprint.

VoIP can allow your employees to work effectively from home, you can monitor in and out-bound call traffic in real time and include them in call stats wall board, even though they are not in the office. Often home workers are far more productive, with less distractions when compared to office-based staff in the same role. By setting staff up from a home office both you as a business, your employee and the environment can benefit.

Another thing to consider is because VoIP is basically software hosted in the cloud, the physical equipment is minimal, meaning your carbon foot print is reduced.

For any more information regarding our VoIP offerings give us a call on 01527 868400