Apple’s do fall far from the tree

Just how loyal are Apples customers?

As a telecoms service provider, TMC Telecom are used to seeing Apple customers who are due to upgrade want to hold out until the new iPhone is released.

They will normally nurse that old, scratched out of date iPhone for a few extra months until the latest version is released or when the stock finally becomes available.

As you can only sell what you have available in stock, I would often ask customers if they would consider an Android alternative, which we can often get quicker with a higher specification and are almost always cheaper. We get the same short answer…. “No, I’ll wait!”

2017 is the first year this trend has bucked! … In number, hardened iPhone users are upgrading to the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Customers with Macs, Apple TV and iPads are jumping in with both feet and switching their most used device, their phones to the new Samsung S8. Without us even suggesting it!

Samsung’s new, super sexy Android devise is more iPhone than… well an iPhone!

If you are getting tempted to play away from home look at this link which will tell you everything you need to know about switching from IOS to Android